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It was fun to get away over the long weekend up to Green Bay and Madison, my first time in either town. The cold temperatures were absolutely brutal during the trip, but what else should we have expected for Wisconsin at the end of November?


Unfortunately for me, the perfect comeback usually doesn’t come to me until long after the fact. Timing once again wasn’t on my side this past Saturday night while in St. Louis. The comeback I would have liked to have used came to me days later while back at home.


An evening fire on the driveway while with my fiance and future in-laws allowed me to share my less than favorable Boy Scout memories. This unfortunately caused me to realize that many of the things that annoyed me as a kid concerning the great outdoors still annoy me, now as an adult.


Following a phone conversation, it occurred to me I get confused over Office Depot and Office Max. While I’m aware that we have a few of each stores in my area, I’m not sure which one is which.

Odds & Ends

I was saddened when hearing that Dom DeLuise passed away. While I didn’t see many of his best known movies, one that I grew up watching was “Going Bananas.” After several repeat rentals, my mother finally bought me the VHS.