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In March, I got to visit New York City for the first time. We got to see a lot of Manhattan in the four days we were there and I can’t wait to someday go back. That said, while there, I couldn’t help make some key comparisons between the “Big Apple” and the “Second City.”

Odds & Ends
For job recruiters or hiring managers, this might turn out to be a valuable test for detecting cynical attitudes from potential hires. Simply ask each person what he or she thinks of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Since the Ice Bucket Challenge trend has gone viral within the last week, there’s been no shortage of

It’s been several years since I’ve worked at the Dominick’s grocery store. My five and a half years there through high school and college felt like an eternity. With the store likely to soon close, I am thankful for some of the fond memories I have while working there.