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It’s well documented in the tech community just how ridiculous Google’s attempt at messaging has been over the last decade. While Apple has perfected its messaging strategy with iMessage, both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are highly prominent messaging options for millions of users around the world. Within the United States, traditional text messaging (SMS) that’s

Art Bell provided plenty of radio memories for me while growing up. Both my dad and I enjoyed listening to the discussion of UFOs, alien encounters and time travel – while knowing that most of it was 100 percent nonsense. I’m especially appreciative that his show gave my dad and I one more thing to bond over.

In light of recent Facebook security concerns, spotlighted this week with company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, I’ve been thinking how all this will realistically affect the social networking platform’s popularity. It won’t. And that is because no one, myself included, fully understands what the true ramifications are when all of our Facebook data
Working with search engine optimization, the irony isn’t lost on me that while Google can make or break a company’s digital marketing efforts by changing its algorithm, Google is bad when it comes to marketing their own products and services. The Pixel Phone, Google Play Music, and their various cluster of messaging apps are just

When buying a new car, would you love to have an experience where you will not be disappointed? I’d rather strive for an experience where I leave feeling happy and positive. Someone ought to share that sentiment with the marketing department at the Muller family of car dealerships.

Between the Bell in Hand Tavern and the Union Oyster House on Marshall St. One of my favorite areas of downtown Boston. As summer comes to an unofficial end this Labor Day weekend, I realize I'm long overdue in recapping my visit to Boston this past spring on Memorial Day weekend. It was a quick