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Working with search engine optimization, the irony isn’t lost on me that while Google can make or break a company’s digital marketing efforts by changing its algorithm, Google is bad when it comes to marketing their own products and services. The Pixel Phone, Google Play Music, and their various cluster of messaging apps are just

When buying a new car, would you love to have an experience where you will not be disappointed? I’d rather strive for an experience where I leave feeling happy and positive. Someone ought to share that sentiment with the marketing department at the Muller family of car dealerships.

Between the Bell in Hand Tavern and the Union Oyster House on Marshall St. One of my favorite areas of downtown Boston. As summer comes to an unofficial end this Labor Day weekend, I realize I'm long overdue in recapping my visit to Boston this past spring on Memorial Day weekend. It was a quick

In March, I got to visit New York City for the first time. We got to see a lot of Manhattan in the four days we were there and I can’t wait to someday go back. That said, while there, I couldn’t help make some key comparisons between the “Big Apple” and the “Second City.”

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For job recruiters or hiring managers, this might turn out to be a valuable test for detecting cynical attitudes from potential hires. Simply ask each person what he or she thinks of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Since the Ice Bucket Challenge trend has gone viral within the last week, there’s been no shortage of