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While flying home from Orlando last week, the same questions and observations that run through my head each time I’m on an airplane inevitably resurfaced. Some of these questions I can easily Google at anytime, but never remember to do so once back on the ground.

It’s well documented in the tech community just how ridiculous Google’s attempt at messaging has been over the last decade. While Apple has perfected its messaging strategy with iMessage, both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are highly prominent messaging options for millions of users around the world. Within the United States, traditional text messaging (SMS) that’s

Art Bell provided plenty of radio memories for me while growing up. Both my dad and I enjoyed listening to the discussion of UFOs, alien encounters and time travel – while knowing that most of it was 100 percent nonsense. I’m especially appreciate that his show gave my dad and I one more thing to bond over.

In light of recent Facebook security concerns, spotlighted this week with company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, I’ve been thinking how all this will realistically affect the social networking platform’s popularity. It won’t. And that is because no one, myself included, fully understands what the true ramifications are when all of our Facebook data