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Martin Hawrysko

Martin is a Chicago area marketing and design savvy millennial with an enthusiasm for all things media. He uses this space as a therapeutic outlet to discuss media and related communication matters of personal or professional interest in addition to anything else of mind from the news of the day to the oddities of life.

Since childhood, whether listening to talk radio or watching a televised newscast or ball game, Martin has always been fascinated with call letters, imaging, graphics packages, and studio sets. Over time he became increasingly fixated with logos and critiquing various design across all mediums, and would regularly sketch  existing and revised concepts onto paper or pixel.

The increased accessibility of the internet by the late 1990s coinciding with his adolescent years provided a unique circumstance where he was old enough to have experienced a decent sample of life prior to the world wide web while also young enough to easily acclimate with various new media and tech as it became available. By the early 2000s he had taught himself how to build websites using HTML, became immersed with computer graphics, and discovered a knack for writing. He graduated in 2008 from Lewis University with a Bachelors of Arts in graphic design and print journalism.

In the decade-plus since, Martin has spent the better part of his career as a web producer consumed with design, content development, and digital marketing. Away from work he is year-round outdoor runner, reads fictional detective mysteries and non-fiction history, and enjoys keeping up with his favorite sports and pro wrestling. He has one wife, one 401(k) account, zero cryptocurrency, and an unusually large collection of coffee mugs.

Martin Hawrysko