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About Martin

Cold weather runner, Packers fan, alleged marketer, British subject wannabe.

“Mind Over Martin” is a personal blog penned by Martin Hawrysko, a mid-30’s millennial from Chicago’s southwest suburbs. He uses this space as a therapeutic outlet to unsolicitedly comment on a variety of topics and tidbits of interest to him – with an emphasis towards media, big tech, graphic design, and business – in addition to anything else worth discussing from around the world or in life.

From childhood, Martin obsessed over all facets of radio and television broadcasting, while also having an eye for critiquing logos and various design from across all mediums. The added availability of the Internet in the late 1990s coinciding with his teenage years sparked an interest in the emerging tech industry and the new means to communicate and consume information. By the early 2000s, he had taught himself the HTML and CSS to begin building websites, was immersed with computer graphics, and had discovered a passion for writing. In 2008, he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and print journalism and today makes his living as a web designer, content developer, and digital marketer.

Martin is married, a proponent for science and evidenced-based thinking, and has an affinity for the state of Wisconsin, which provides a likely explanation for his Green Bay Packers fandom. He enjoys reading fictional detective mysteries and various non-fiction, traveling, and watching re-runs of “The Crown.” He recently became in favor of using the Oxford comma after 20 plus years of opposing it.

Martin Hawrysko