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Ed Farmer, Sick Day

As I tweeted earlier today….

As I wrote a year ago on this blog, I am not a fan of Farmer’s broadcast style. That sentiment is shared largely among other White Sox fans. While I do sincerely wish him well, it would have been nice to have heard a different voice fill in on the broadcast while Farmer recovered.

There is no reason Ed Farmer should have been on the air on Thursday’s opening day, or on Saturday. His slurred speech was an embarrassment to the broadcast, and someone either on the team or the flagship radio station (WGN-AM 720) should have mandated that he sit out.

Farmer’s voice also sounded noticeably funny several weeks ago during a few spring training broadcasts, so it must have been one hell of a long flu. So not only should Farmer not have been on the air, but he probably should not have flown to Kansas City for this series. Who in their right mind would want to be around him on a closed-space flight?

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