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Busch Stadium, August 2010

Busch Stadium, on a beautiful summer night in St. Louis (August 2010).

I can be quite good when it comes to thinking of comebacks.

Unfortunately, they often don’t come to me until long after the fact. Any fan of “Seinfeld” may relate to George Costanza’s delayed jerk store comeback to Riley’s shrimp store line.

It happened this past Saturday while in St. Louis. My buddy and I were at Busch Stadium to watch the Cardinals and the Pirates. Since I had gotten into the spirit by wearing a newly purchased Cardinals batting practice hat, I didn’t think I was being too much of an instigator when deciding during the Seventh Inning Stretch to sing “root for the White Sox” (my hometown baseball team). Immediately after the song finished, the girl in front of me turned around and began playfully saying “The White Who?”

Unfortunately, an adequate response didn’t come until several days later.

In my perfect scenario, I would have asked which city we were in, to which she would have replied St. Louis. That would have allowed me to respond with, “St. Who?”

I never said it had to be funny…

And it probably would have been better than whatever it was I did say then in real time (which must not have been anything witty or significant since I have no memory of it).

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