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Remembering Dom DeLuise

Dom DeLuise (left) with Burt Reynolds.

I was saddened when hearing that actor Dom DeLuise had passed away. While I admit I have not seen many Deluise classics (many of which with Burt Reynolds), one particular movie that I did grow up watching was “Going Bananas.” That movie was a childhood favorite of mine – one that my mother rented by chance one day at the video store. After renting it multiple times, she eventually bought the VHS for me.

Many years ago, my mother wrote a letter to Mr. Deluise, thanking him for the many hours of pleasure he brought me from that movie. It took a couple of months, but he personally wrote back with how honored he was to make people happy, especially children. I wish we still had that letter.

Today, I had the chance to learn of a few of DeLuise’s movies that I was not aware of, all of which I now wouldn’t mind seeing.

Some day, I will once again watch “Going Bananas,” which may not be a movie that DeLuise will be best remembered for, but one that I think most young children would enjoy.

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